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Business Financing is a Puzzle

Finding the money you need for your business is like putting a giant puzzle together. Today’s challenging economic climate can make it seem like the Impossible Mission! We care about you and YOUR business!

Comprehensive Approach

Doug Smith, a 40+ year ministry and business consulting veteran, has for the past 18+ years served the franchising and business broker community as a reputable funding and development consultant. He is focused on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners use cutting edge products and services that position them for stable growth.  Start up capital is the biggest challenge facing new entrepreneurs and similarly, working capital and consistent cash flow challenge new business and franchise owners, especially in their first three years in business.  Having multiple options for capital is critical and Doug provides tools for both the brand new business owner and those who have been in business for a while.

Over the years, Doug has assisted thousands of franchisees and new business owners access funding to realize their dreams of business ownership. He has worked with some of the most recognized brands in franchising and business brokerage, creating specialized programs that have supported their growth objectives and delivered millions in funding.

Committed to Service

Today, Doug continues to use his expertise and experience to provide  specialized programs for new business owners and franchise systems and  his company is dedicated to helping franchisors and suppliers connect  for efficiency, growth and profitability, helping both emerging and  established brands make the necessary changes to become profitable.

In addition to coaching franchise systems, brokers and prospective  franchisees, Doug provides customizable high energy and inspirational  keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and training programs for  franchise conferences, seminars, and other sessions.  He has a  passion for providing education, taking great pride in helping people  and organizations with innovative solutions to reach their goals.  He  still serves as a guest speaker in churches from time to time and he  resides in Colorado and enjoys a rich family life with his wife, 3 kids,  6 grandkids and misses his Border Collie.

Our Products

SBA Loans

Buy a Business or Franchise or take your existing profitable business to the next level.  Free consultation and funding analysis on both 7a and 504 loans.  We know which banks are lending and we optimize your application for approval. 

Equity Based Funding

We help you invest your retirement funds into the start-up of a business or the purchase of a business or franchise with no penalty, no taxable distribution, no debt service and no interest payments.  Grow your retirement account value as you grow your business.  Funding in about 3 weeks.

Securities Base Funding

We help you get a higher ROI from you stock fund by providing a line of revolving credit, that does not tie up your real estate, bank accounts or other assets and does not involve credit or credit reporting.  Use your existing non-retirement stocks, bonds, mutual funds or cash to restructure – together with your licensed lender advisor – into eligible securities, with funding available in 2 weeks.  No upfront fees required.

Unsecured Business Funding

Business Funding Products do not report to personal credit.  An introductory interest rate of 0% with no financials or collateral required.  If you are credit-challenged, you can use a credit partner.  Funding available in about 2-4 weeks.  No upfront fees required. 

Equipment Leasing

Finance computers, vehicles, TVs, machinery and other equipment with no collateral or financials required.  This is the easiest type of funding to acquire and your equipment can be delivered in about 2 weeks.  No upfront fees required.  

Full-Service Credit Repair

We help consumers who have been denied credit due to credit issues. Over 82% of Americans have credit challenges and approximately 79% of credit reports contain numerous errors. We work with you, your lenders and all 3 Credit Bureaus to remove negative items from your credit report. At the same time we assist you in ways to build positive credit. We specialize in personal credit restoration and re-establishment, operating with the hallmarks of honesty, integrity and reliability in the way we conduct business. 

Business & Franchise Coaching


Life is all about making progress in the right direction.  Progress, not perfection.

Progress can be defined in a multitude of ways but in business and franchising, progress is made by being the right kind of person who makes the right kinds of decisions that help those in their sphere of influence become the right kind of people.  Business goals are met and clients and customers are served.  Progress in business and franchising should be a Win/Win proposition.

Franchising is the only business system or business model that provides a platform to the average person, allowing him or her to foster the entrepreneur within them, freeing them to grow an idea or desire, making progress in life toward their goals, and taking as many people along with them as possible.

Success in franchising is like success in any business model – it is defined by bottom line numbers. True success is attained by making progress, by growing from where you are to where you want to be.  In order to know how you are progressing, you need to have a standard or metric to measure against. Biz Finance Solutions provides the help that franchisors and franchisees need to measure their growth and expand their reach.  We do this with a dose of common sense and practical solutions based on years of experience.

Biz Finance Solutions serves franchisors at every stage of their growth and development, whether they are a new brand, an emerging brand or a mature brand. We provide an approach that covers all areas of the franchising spectrum, focusing on insuring that all aspects are running at peak capacity.

We can help you – Give us a call for a free consultation and let’s explore how we can help you consistently grow your system.



I’ve had the privilege of working with Doug for several years. Doug is a consummate professional. He is bright, personable and has excellent communication skills. He shows up well with clients and business partners alike. I have always found him to be extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise and has that rare quality of being able to explain things in lay terms so the general public understands them. Doug has facilitated training sessions for me, dealt with franchise partners, and interacted with clients. I highly recommend Doug as a valued business partner.

Brian Miller, CFE, Chief Operating Officer, FranchiseSource Brands Intl.-Franchisee and Franchisor, Speaker, Trainer and Coach


Doug is my “Go-To” guy when it comes to using retirement funds to finance business acquisitions. He stays current on the issues and is always able to direct clients to the appropriate solution. Doug is a real pro and an all-around good guy, making it easy to work with him.

Alan Clark, Owner, The Hatteras Group


I have worked with Doug for several years in the area of funding my client’s business acquisitions. Doug has my unqualified recommendation. He is very knowledgeable and customer oriented.

Ron Brasch, M & A Specialist at First Business Brokers, Ltd.


Doug is blessed with a natural warmth and concern for people that translates into topnotch customer service. He is an excellent listener who explains difficult concepts with the patience and skill of an educator. He is also an enthusiastic spokesman with a knack for clearly articulating a product’s benefits. I enjoyed collaborating with him on some darn good webinar presentations!

Sharon Faiola Petersen, Communications Supervisor, Guidant Financial Group


Doug is extremely talented and provides excellent insights and innovative ideas to marketing strategy, event planning, consulting and overall business growth and management. Doug is extremely personable and professional and an invaluable asset to anyone that utilizes his skills and talents.

Bill W. Goins, Business Intermediary, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation


Doug is very passionate and hard working for his clients. Doug demonstrates the same values when working with his team members, a roll up our sleeves and get it done attitude. Doug is an extreme pleasure to work with.

Heather Conley, Director, Franchise Accounts, ClarityVoice


Doug in a consummate professional who takes a sincere interest in providing the right solution the right way. He is a valuable resource that can be counted on and depended upon.

Alex H. Cunningham § CEO § FranCnsult, Franchise Development § Targeted Mergers & Acquisitions


Doug is one of those people that enhances your credibility when you recommend him to others. He will never let you or his clients down and is constantly on the lookout for ways to help others with no expectation of reciprocity. Oh, and he happens to be really good at what he does! Great guy to know and with whom it is an honor and pleasure to be associated.

Dan Durney, CFE, Chief E-FRAN-gelist at FranMaster


Doug Smith is definitely one of the most unique individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Doug is careful to look out for all of his clients in the franchise industry. His advice from his years of experience and his knowledge base in business and financing are priceless. Doug has a great sense of humor and a warm inviting voice. I feel very fortunate to have met him and appreciate his friendship.

Donna Brandenburg, President, FOUNDATION LINKS, LLC


Knowing Doug and being able to work with him is truly an honor. He is a businessman with integrity and one with whom I can always rely upon as a source of knowledge in the franchise industry. Doug is reliable for genuine conversation about business and family; he is as sincere as one can be.

Reg Byrd, CEO | Founder


Doug is an amazing business development senior executive with deep knowledge of franchise financing and his clients.

Amit Pamecha, CFE, CEO at FranConnect


Doug is one of those rare people from which you would actually accept a handshake in lieu of a contract. That trustworthiness, along with his extensive experience and knowledge, make Doug a great resource for those with dreams of business ownership.

Sean Lacy, Certified Business Intermediary

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